Monday, May 10, 2010

What would happen if...

What would happen if instead of seeing our "circumstances" we reframed those into "opportunities"? We may just start actually enjoying what we get to do each day!

What would happen if those things that we "have to do" became things that we "get to do"? We may just look at our day as an amazing adventure instead of a mundane life.

What would happen if instead of walking around each day, we approached life with an urgency to change lives? We may just realize that there is a purpose for where we are and what we are doing.

What would happen if our only priority in the day was to genuinely love as opposed to "get it all done"? We may just see that we ARE truly happy with our lives just as they are.

What would happen if we played as hard as we worked? We may just understand the value of this great gift we've been given.

And then I remember, all of these things are in our reach if only we would wrap our hearts around them and live them.

What would happen if you chose to live the way your heart desires to live every single day?

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