Friday, July 23, 2010

Preparation Meets Perfect Timing

Have you ever felt like you were in the “waiting room” of God’s handy work? Just sitting and waiting for your name to be announced and you to be ushered into the backroom to hear the final diagnosis of the next step? In the mean time, there is NOTHING more frustrating than watching those who have come in after you get called to go before you!

The saying “patience is a virtue” could never be a more accurate statement. In my world, the word “patience” is synonymous with “torture”. I wish I could say that I handle moments such as these with poise and grace – but just ask my Mother, it simply isn’t true. Have you experienced those moments that you are so close you can nearly taste it (whatever “it” is for you) and yet God hasn’t yet uttered the word “JUMP!”

There is nothing worse than smelling the chocolate chip cookies as they are taken out of the oven and knowing that you should probably wait a few minutes before digging in. Yet most of the time, we (mostly I) can’t wait and therefore endure the painful burn to experience the pleasure. Perhaps nearly half of the pain we endure God had never intended for us. If only we could wait – our end result could be the same and the pain eliminated.

It’s in that time of waiting – that we are called to take action. Oxymoron? Not at all! Perhaps it’s in that time of waiting that we are called to prepare our hearts and minds to give the praise to the one who orchestrated it all, added in all of the right ingredients, and intentionally invited us to sit down and enjoy the feast together.

The cookies still there and just as desirous as it was before – we just experienced it the way in which is was intended.

Prayerfully Preparing,


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

If the Shoe Fits...or if it doesn't...

Ok - this is super secret confession! And you can't judge me for what I'm about to share. Perhaps you've done it, perhaps you haven't. Regardless, it’s the secret that has been taking place day after day and I have to tell someone!

A while back I ordered some new black boots off of the internet. I knew that my feet would look wonderful in them and because the price was right, I ordered them - IMMEDIATELY!

Well, those beautiful boots just came in the mail. I tore into the package as though it was Christmas morning and I knew that I had been good to get the very thing on my list! It was like the hallelujah chorus came on with a spotlight over my beautiful boots. I'm not crazy - I'm a girl.

I took them out of the box, they went on my feet, and I fell over. It was pretty much happened that fast. The heels on these bad boys are about 4 inches high and I can't even take ONE step without falling or twisting or catching myself before hitting the floor. They look perfect while I'm stationary, it's the walking that causes issues.

So, for the past couple of days each day when I get home, I pull out those beautiful boots and practice walking. I fall, I brush myself off, and I practice some more! I am determined, yes determined, that I will be able to wear these beautiful boots by next winter.

Shoes have become some of my closest friends. There is a pair that does just the trick no matter what mood I am in. Slippers for when I need to be cozy, flip flops for fun, heels when I'm sassy, and tennis shoes when there is hard work to be done. And then I think about my beautiful black boots...

I don't really have a place for them yet. I don't know where I'll wear them. When I'll need them. How I'll ever walk in them. But for some strange reason, I HAD to have them. I've crammed my foot in and committed myself to wear a shoe that I don't know will ever really fit, perhaps it was never supposed to.

I've heard the saying "If the shoe fits..." but I rarely hear "If it doesn’t". What are we supposed to do if the shoe doesn't fit? I know what we do...get frustrated it doesn't, commit to something we were never meant to do, let them take up space "just incase"... yet it's rare we kick something to the curb and say, "It's just not for me."

So, here we go. A secret confession - I'm tossing 'em out, my beautiful black boots. I'm finding someone else that can walk in them, likes wearing them, and has a purpose for them.

What are you doing with the shoes that fit? What are you doing with the ones that don't?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ouch! Lessons are hard to learn!

Have you ever had those days that you can honestly look back and say, “I was not my best today”? If you haven’t, please don’t share!  It was one of those days I felt like a true girl and played on every single emotion possible. And as my Mother hung up the phone with me, I found myself crying and questioning everything! I’m not psychotic, just a girl!

And yet I look back at my day and realized how many times I let my day be filled with circumstance to get through instead of opportunities to live in. I found myself reading Luke 6:27-36 and conviction set in…this is a good thing…it means I’m about to learn something new.

The first part starts out with Jesus saying, “But I tell you who hear me…” and all I could picture was my Mother sitting me down after I had just argued with my sister. I was ready to defend always starting in with “But Mom…” and her response was always the same. “I’m not talking to your sister. I’m talking to YOU.” I didn’t have to read any further (yet I did, and I’m glad) to know that it didn’t matter how many people I could have blamed for the way I was feeling today, God was sitting me down saying, “Vanessa, I’m not talking to everyone else; I’m talking to you”. It was then that I chose to stop fighting, be quiet, and pay attention.

The verses go on and Jesus speaks, “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you…” The list goes on and on yet I realized what God was telling me.

Live the unexpected life! Everyone expects you to be upset – smile. Everyone expects you to gossip – walk away. Everyone expects you to go to battle against those who have battled you – love em! How will anyone ever see what’s different if you always respond the same?

I didn’t say it was an easy lesson, or that I’m going to get it right everyday moving forward. Yet, I get it! It was one of those days today…and yet tomorrow will be so much different!