Thursday, May 20, 2010

Finding the Time...

The world spins so fast - and although not yet confirmed by scientists, I truly believe in my gut that the world spins just a few minutes faster every day. That's the only reason I can comprehend as to why I can't fit everything inside of it! And yet still I know that if we decided to give ourselves 25 hours in a day as opposed to 24, most of us would not have a problem filling the extra time and complaining that we still don't have enough. In my last entry I talked about sowing my seeds in the places that I want a harvest - and that thought is still on my mind.

I know a girl that seems nearly impossible to love - not because of her personality, who she is, or what she stands for. The reason it's so hard is because she is on the go all of the time! I can't seem to schedule any time with her to even pour in what she pours out all day! We cannot give what we do not have. And I can't help but believe that as she's rushing around out in the world doing, and going, and loving - that she's missing it. That her doing could be done with so much more authenticity! Her going could be done with so much more intention! Her love impact could be earth-shaking - if only she took the time to refill all that is being poured out.

Before you begin to think I just threw some sweet girl with the best of intentions under the bus, I must admit that this girl I can't seem to get a minute alone with is me! There is such a difference between being "busy" and being "active". I truly believe that I used to be "active" - acting with intention according to what I believe to be my God-given purpose. However, this month has proven that I have taken a step backwards and I find myself incredibly "busy" - filling my schedule with chaotic tasks to complete. I'm sure you can see the difference! Does this mean everything I do is insignificant - no way! What it does mean is that my impact can be greater, my investment - deeper, my love - stronger and all working towards the purpose God desires to accomplish through me if I take the time to focus on me for a moment.

Simply loving others is one of the most significant responsibilities we have. I truly believe the seeds I've been sowing are in the right fields that are ready for the harvest and that I desire to see the most growth! The challenge is that when the sower gets sick - intentions to plant good seed in great fields won't produce anything.

That is why today is a VERY important day!!! Below you can see my calendar and just what is significant about Thursday, May 20, 2010!!!

Today is THE ONLY day this month that I have not planned to do ANYTHING after 5:00pm. After work, I am traveling home to - that's right, you guessed it - DO NOTHING! I'm going to spend some time doing the things that I enjoy, that fill me up, that give me the permission to celebrate ME!

We can only give that which we have - how much do you have to give?

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chelsee said...

Love it and love you and I hope you had a great time lovin on yourself! 0o0o...well you know what I mean.