Saturday, June 20, 2009


That title is really what it should read on the front page of the News Paper. But instead I was shocked today to read, "Residence of Las Vegas pleasantly surprised by a cooler start to summer." Although I do find myself adjusting to the climate of the desert ... it doesn't matter how you slice it 104 isn't a cooler start to summer. I admit, last year was warmer...and 104 still isn't a cooler start to summer. The desert wind has begun to blow, the sun is shining, and summer is here to stay!

This beginning of this month marked my one year anniversary at Rapport Leadership International. A lot has changed over the past year... I have moved in with a roommate, settled into a church, have a Las Vegas land line phone number, and find myself saying "home" (referring to Las Vegas) a lot more often. Yet, one thing that still seems to remain a mystery to me is finding my way around the city. I still manage to get lost... and I believe that "Mic" (my GPS) may be coming back out to stay a bit longer. It's pathetic and so very true!

Last week I was visited by another SAU face, Jay Mansur, VP of Advancement for the University. Jay joins a group of 14 other SAU Rapport Grads! It's always fun to take the trip out to the Retreat for Graduation... and a special treat when it's for a friend! Mike England from the University also came out to surprise/support Jay in his class.

As for my summer plans... they keep me on my toes (just how I like it!)
  • Next week I will be traveling out to Alamo, NV to host Camp Mend-a-Heart for the Children's Heart Foundation (June 26- July 1).
  • July 2-6 I will be taking a much desired trip to Michigan to spend some time with the fam and ring in my favorite holiday of the year...the 4th of July :) Bring on the fireworks!
  • July 12th I am putting on my first ever Charity Golf Tournament. The whole thing has been a HUGE learning experience as my knowledge of golf ends at a putt-putt course! The tournament is to support the Power Packs 4 Success Project I am hosting in the fall. We are looking to have 144 golfers, a great banquet, someone will win a 2007 Silverado, and in the end we will have raised enough money to support the project!
  • Throughout the month of July I am speaking at churches that are helping with the Power Pack Project. Each church is doing a school supply drive to fill the backpacks for elementary students in need. All that to say on Aug 1 I will be getting "Slimed" when they meet their goal...yikes!
  • August 26th is the big distribution day in which 700 inner city Las Vegas elementary students will receive a backpack filled with supplies on the first day of school. I will be doing an assembly to welcome the students back and give them their Power Packs!

God is at work and continuing to surprise me every day! My needs are met...but God also goes above and beyond and meets my desires to be used as well. Hopefully I'll be able to update more often... yet it's difficult to make these trips to Panera on a regular basis to use my Internet. :) And, it's just another excuse for a mango smoothie!

Sending some summer heat your way!!!