Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's coming...

Can you believe the holiday season is already here?! It's nuts! And I must admit that I'm ready for them. Not ready in the "gifts purchased" kind of way, but ready for the holiday cheer! Yesterday I enjoyed a relaxing evening at home and realized just how ready I was. I curled up on the couch with my plaid pajamas, a cup of hot chocolate, and watched "The Holiday." If that doesn't put you in the Holiday spirits I'm not sure what will! Christmas music has started playing in most of the stores and "holiday specials" are starting to fill the weekend paper and my Email inbox! The flights home are purchased for both Thanksgiving and Christmas!! It's not all complete, but it's a great start :)

This Wednesday I will be catching my flight to Michigan to spend Thanksgiving with my Family. Julie, a friend from college, is spending Thanksgiving with the Vann's this year as her family lives in Idaho. The Jackson's will be headed to celebrate Thanksgiving with our family on Friday afternoon. Mom is all sorts of jazzed for the whole family to be back together again. She has a photographer coming for a Vann Family photo shoot on Friday as well. We will also be celebrating my nephew Jayden's 1st birthday too! Lots of festivities in a relatively short 4 day weekend!

In the mean time, I enjoying a 3 day work week! Celebrating Thanksgiving with a company potluck on Tuesday along with celebrating my friend Melissa's Birthday. I'm going to be a party queen in no time with all of the celebrating :)

I will be sure to post photos after the weekend visit home with the fam! I hope you enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving and reflect on just how blessed you are! God is so good... and there is much to be thankful for!

Let the celebrating begin...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Great things I'm learning about life...

You know, there are some really great things about life that no one really seems to pass on. I don't if know it's that there are only a few people that have taken time to notice it, or maybe haven't discovered those things for themselves yet? Or, perhaps it's that they suppose everyone knows... I'm not really sure. But what I do know, is that there are some important lessons that never get passed on... how to save money, expect the unexpected, learn to prioritize, and be flexible!

  • I just bought a $70 dress for $1.89 and I was not at a thrift store!! And that, my friend, gives great proof to the theory that Shopping IS indeed a sport! Some win and some lose!! Today... I WON!!! I can only imagine that if men understood this... they would encourage their wife to play. You see regardless of if she is on a team or not, she's going to shop. Yet if you allow her to believe it's a sport ... you can save a lot more money!
  • Always make friends with your matter how OLD they may be! You never know when they will have your back and report you as "dead" to the front office because you were a bit under the whether and they hadn't seen you in a few days! It's the people you least expect that always come through for you when you need someone most! Expect the unexpected!
  • I was talking to a girlfriend of mine and she was saying that her husband gets so frustrated when she refers to his hunting equipment as accessories. The name we give objects of course defines what that object is. So I have a new idea of calling my "accessories" (jewelry, purse, hair clips, etc)... equipment. Because it is indeed that equipment that allows you to function to your full potential for the day. Equipment is something you MUST have...accessories are merely optional additions. Learn to prioritize!
  • There is nothing you can find in a tool box that you don't already have in another (more easily accessible) location. For example, I bought some new pictures to hang on the wall and didn't have a hammer. That's why God created high heels. A nice sturdy point that you can use no matter where you are! Be flexible!

There are so many lessons to learn and as I learn them... I'm committed to passing along that knowledge for others to gain from and enjoy! :)

All in a days work,

Vaness ;)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Forced Sabbath

So, have you ever experienced those times in your life when you are going at the speed of light and there is absolutely nothing you were willing to give up...because it just ALL has to be done? That's the point that I was at until about noon yesterday, when God decided to put me on a forced sabbath : a day(s) of absolute rest. Sometimes I get going and I know that I need to slow down but it just all needs to get done. And that is when God forcefully sets me down (this time with the H1N1 flu) and says "THERE. I did it for you!". After spending time in California, participating in several activities at church, working, hosting family in town, and getting ready to head back to Cali tomorrow...God just said "enough is enough."

Last night I dropped my mom, Cissy, and Kristen off at the airport after a 5 day stay in Las Vegas. They flew in on Friday morning and we sent Kristen off to participate in the Teen Leadership Breakthrough class at Rapport. Its always fun to have family members take the class. That evening Mom, Cissy, and I went to have dinner at the Yard House and play an exciting game of Bingo at the Southpoint Casino. SO MUCH FUN! Saturday was filled with visiting Red Rock and looking at some model homes available out that way. I fell in love with one of them and was ready to move in that afternoon!! Cissy had a chance to visit my church and then we went down to the strip to watch the dueling pianos, dancing Bellagio fountains, and fun on the town. Sunday we went out to spend the day in Alamo for Kristen's graduation! She did great and I was very proud of her!!! Of course she needed a chance to see "Vegas" too, so Monday night we went back down to LV BLVD and watched the gondolas in the Venetian and ate some ice cream at Serendipity!

Yesterday when I woke up I wasn't feeling the best, but thought it was just a little chest cold. I was mistaking in the afternoon when i had a fever and ended up in Urgent Care :( We had a quiet evening at home before an airport run last night. It was a good visit and, as always, I was a bit spoiled ;)

Unfortunately I have become one of the H1N1 statistics which means no California trip this weekend and a few days working from home. The Dr says it takes anywhere from 2-10 days to rid the fever away... my plan is 2 days... that is plenty of resting for me! I can only do so much Sudoku, watch so many movies, and eat so much bland food. :)

I'm looking forward to a Thanksgiving trip in a few weeks... i can't believe it's already that time of year! Christmas is just around the corner!! Excited to spend some time with my big sis and to see Clare and Jayden playing together!! :) How fun!!

Well, better get back to my "resting"... sheesh!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Celebrating EVERY DAY!

Look at me! I'm already getting better at my new goal of blogging on a regular basis :)

So, today I had a great realization! And that is...there is really so much to celebrate daily! At the end of the day when I talk to my Mom (yes, a daily occurrence) or in the morning when I talk to Melissa (also occurring multiple times a day) I account to them all of the exciting things that took place, or things that I'm looking forward to in the day. And tonight I was thinking about it, there is really SO many awesome things that God does DAILY in my life that I get to take the time to celebrate more often!!

Today I had a meeting at Hinman Elem School (where we hosted Power Packs 4 Success in the fall) and realized that we get to have an even greater relationship. I'm working with the school right now to put on what we are calling "A Day of Dreams!" I'm not really sure what all of that really looks like yet, but I do know that it is going to have a significant impact on the students, families, and the school as a whole!! Not to mention we are bringing a second school on board this year (Harmon Elem School) next fall. It's the joke on our board that last year we worked with Hinman, next year Harmon, that means we get to find "Helman" for the next year! Then, as we were sitting there talking to the principal she said to me, "Vanessa, we just would really appreciate you coming in and teaching our students more about your personal philosophies and values because it has made such an impact on our students!" WOW - God continues to open doors for me to share His promises even in the public schools!

I was SO excited tonight because I got to have a night out with some girlfriends (Alicia and Mary Lou). After we finished great food and conversation we all went our separate ways. As I was getting ready to leave Town Square I ran into, Jenn, a girl on the PP4S board and, John, a friend from church! Although it may seem like nothing much, I've continued to pray that God would just make this place my home while I am here. That I would feel the comforts of home even though I'm so far away from my family! One of the greatest comforts of home for me is running into familiar faces around town! I was SUPER excited about seeing both of them! Really an answer to prayer!

And let's not forget to celebrate my favorite barista at Starbucks!!! Although silly, they totally make my day when I get a chance to go! This morning I walked in and they told me they want me to taste a new drink they have! They were so excited for me to taste it! She told me if I didn't like it they would make me a new one! Every time I go in there they give me a bigger size than I order, or give me a free drink, or a coupon of some sort! I love it! And it's things like that, that don't get celebrated nearly enough, yet do make an impact on my day!

God is everywhere and in everything! The things we often forget to do is notice Him! Today a college professor of mine sent an Email telling me his family has gone through some hardships and his sister-in-law has completely walked away from her relationship with God. As I read that, God laid something on my heart. I wrote back to him saying, "God continues to pursue her daily. Pray that she will notice Him." God is pursuing each of us daily... waiting for the moment we notice His activity! So... I decided today was a day of CELEBRATION!!! And I pray that every day, moving forward, I will continue to notice the ways He deserves to be celebrated!

That's all :)