Friday, April 10, 2009

A good Good Friday :)


I can't believe it is already Easter time... what that means is that it is inching closer to the fact that I have already been here one year! Crazy! There are a lot of cool things in the mix! Yet first... and update on what's been going on!

*Currently I do not have Internet access in my apartment as the Oh-so-kind neighbor that I was previously "borrowing" my Internet from has moved. This has been both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I spend my time doing more active things, a curse because a girl that lives alone with no TV and no Internet ... just not cool! Although I must admit I don't spend much time at home.

*Robin and Homer Smith (from SAU) both came out and took LB1 2 weeks ago... yet not at the same time.. which is kind of funny! Both had great class experiences and enjoyed Vegas too! Robin and I took a trip to Red Rock for the morning and she bought me an annual pass to the park ... awesome!!

* Melissa, LD, and Clare took their first ever trip to Las Vegas... and actually Clare's first trip on a plane! She was a CHAMP the whole time among time changes, hours on a plane, and time off her mother's "Schedule." It was so fun as they got to do life with me for a whole week. Meliss and I went to Bible Study,LD enjoyed time in a real LV Poker Tournament, we hiked at Red Rock, went to the Belagio, the Piano Bar, Freemont street to see Kelly Pickler, and of course Melissa's favorite... YOGERTLAND! :) We did a lot yet it was a really relaxing visit. It was great to just have Meliss and LD here! I miss them a lot... and meliss says that means I'm supposed to move to NC. ha!

*I'm currently involved in an amazing Bible study every Thursday night! I absolutely love it! It's women from all ages and stages; about 12 of us. We are doing the Beth Moore study "Living Free." God has really been using this study and this group of women to keep me encouraged... yet I will admit I am extremely challenged by all of them as well!

*My office currently purchased a ping pong table and I'm not really a fan. All about having fun... not all about getting hit with ping pong balls! I'm the lucky girl that has a window into my cube directly behind the table... prayers or helmet needed :)

*This weekend I am spending Easter in Overton with Lindsey. She is in charge of running Outreach booths at the Clark County Fair and I will be hangin' with the cowboys haha!

There is a lot coming up and it's really exciting! I feel like tomorrow is June 1st. God continues to open doors for new opportunities.

* I'm currently in projection training once a week at work. This is training to strengthen my voice as well as teach me new breathing, speaking, and vocal techniques in speaking. It's a great learning experience and I'm pretty sure those living in my apt building LOVE when I practice! The reason for this training is that I am currently training a Level 2 Leadership class for high school students. This is a 6 hour class on effective communication and agreement gaining skills... in teen lingo - being liked and getting what you want :) I will be delivering this class in Calgary Canada April 16-22, Salt Lake City May 2-4, and back in Calgary Canada May 12-15.

* I AM MOVING!!!!!! Woo hoo!!! May 16th is the big day! Lindsey and I will be moving in together to a 2 bedroom/bathroom apt! This is a HUGE upgrade for me and I'm so excited!! I'm excited to have more space, less financial responsibility, and a friend to talk to when I get home everyday!!! I have realized how much I miss just having a physical person at home to talk to each day. We are both excited to be moving and have plans for a party underway :)

Man, that was a long update!!! Yet there always seems to be much going on! Life is fun... teaching me and growing me! Sometimes missing the comfort of home... oftentimes loving the adventure!

Have a wonderful Easter!!!