Friday, August 22, 2008

Long time no see!

I know it's been a VERY long time since I have updated my blog! Things have been crazy and moving at 100mph! Here are some things that have happened in the past few weeks:

Mom and Dad came and visited Las Vegas!!! They got me all set up for success in my new apt and I got the opportunity to show them around town! And yes... even visit Sunset Station Casino across the street from my apt...for dinner of course! :)

I had the opportunity to go speak at the ICAN (Issues Concerning Adolescents in Nevada) Conference! I drove up to Mt. Charleston with the president of the company and had an absolute blast getting to know him better! The view was magnificent and speaking wasn't too bad either! The camp was a little whack... but I had so much fun speaking to 150 teens for about 3 hours total!

I started volunteering at "Refuge" which is the youth group at Hope Baptist Church. It's an absolutely phenomenal group of people! (about 150 teens every Sunday night!!!!) They have a great band that leads in worship, the youth pastor teaches, and then I lead a small group of eight 7th-8th graders! Love it!

I have officially, without a doubt, undeniably reached adulthood! I have signed all my paperwork and now am putting money into a 401K! Weird!

Here is some stuff to come:

I will be receiving my FIRST bonus check on Monday... WOO HOO!

I am looking into moving...YET again! 2 girls from the church rent a house and are looking for a third roommate. It's in Southern Highlands (a very nice neighborhood down the street from the church) and is a 3 bedroom house. I'm going for the world record of moving the most times within a 3 month period :) And on my way to success!!

Kim Hayworth is coming down to go through LB1 at work!! I'm super excited and I get to put together her power pack! It's the little things in life! She'll be staying with me for a night or two after she graduates!

I'll be heading to Disneyland Sept 20-21 with my company! I cannot WAIT!!!

I will be traveling to N.C. Sept 23-30 to meet the baby my sisters been carrying around for a while! I'm totally stoked to meet her and see Mel and LD!! Its been WAY too long!

And I think that's about it! Life continues to change and move at an incredibly fast pace! And I continue to grow and learn. Here are some interesting facts I have learned:
  • No one out here has basements! Go figure! The grounds to hard to dig in. So people look at you strange when you ask if there is one.
  • NO ONE out here drinks milk... EVER! Come on! Milk is like a staple at home! The only reason for milk is baking purposes or to pour on your cereal. When I offered my guests milk... you wouldn't believe the stares I got!
  • Buying red bathroom towels are the biggest mistake you could ever make! They will turn your bathtub red, your carpet red, your dryer red, and your body...RED! They need to put a warning out there!

I'm excited to be where I'm at and continue to be blessed and thankful! I have my days when I just miss my good ol' friends from home that just always get me and know how to encourage and support me. Yet I know there are great people out here that I get to build those relationships with.

Thanks for your thoughts, prayers, and encouragement! You wouldn't believe how far that stuff goes!!!