Thursday, May 29, 2008

A little bit of crazy...


It's been a little bit crazy getting settled in, but we have made it! We arrived here in Vegas on Tuesday afternoon. We went straight to Rapport where I was brought to my new house! I absolutly love it...and have realized that there is no way on earth I will ever be able to afford anything like it! It's a 4 bedroom home equipped with an entertainment room, full kitchen, conference room, pool table room, and bathrooms. There are some pictures so you can take a peek! :)

Mom helped me get unpacked which really didn't take too long. I had the chance to meet my newest best friend...Margie...the cleaning lady! The reason for our friendship is becuase she too is from Livonia!! It was such a relief (for Mom) to hear that another Livonian had made the move out to Vegas...and loves it! She left her contact info for me and told me to call if I need ANYTHING (and she offered to wash my towels for me ;)

Mom and I also took full advantage of the trip and took our own journey down to the Strip! What an adventure! We shopped at the Planet Hollywood mall, ate at the Rainforest Cafe, and explored from the Trump Tower to Paris! I even bought my very first business suite from the mall on the strip!! :) It was a fun day...and a little vacation time before we got down to business finding the mundane things of life (ie the grocery store, bank, postoffice, etc).

The next 2 days were spend APARTMENT HUNTING!!! Probably my least favorite part of moving! Luckily my GPS system (aka Lucy) arrived just in time to make navigation a lot less painless. I think today we found a place for me to move in August...only time will tell!! For two days I have been driving around this new city made up of U-turn lanes and funny highway entrance ramps trying to make myself feel (look) like a local. But all went sour today when I ran into an episode at the Carwash! Not realizing I needed a car wash code to wash my car after already entering the wash...I had to back out of the carwash making those behind me quite frustrated that they too had to back out of the car wash. But I didn't have to say anything...they saw the "MICHIGAN" plate on my car and it seemed to make sense.

Mom will be here until Saturday afternoon. I talked to Jeff today and he made sure I realized how difficult the departure for Mom will be. He asked how I thought I was going to handle it and I said "check back on Sunday...when I dont have any friends left."

Im really looking forward to life out here in Vegas! Although many people can't realize it, the town really is quite quaint! You just have to step off the main mile and the town is transformed into a cute community of young people all just trying to live life! I'm excited to see what the time in front of me holds!

I'll keep you update :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

On The Road...

The new Car for the trip :)

Gettin' a little stir crazy!

The Sights...

Cleanin' off the bugs!

Well, we have been on the road for 2 days now...and getting ready to start day 3! Our journey took us from Michigan through Illinois, and over to Iowa. The plan was to end day one in Iowa, but when we pulled off the highway to get a hotel (forgetting the whole Memorial Weekend thing) we couldn't find a hotel room open for miles. We ended up spending the night in Omaha, Nebraska. Sunday took us through Nebraska and into Colorado, where we spent the night in Denver. We were able to get in by 5:00 (Denver time) and grab a nice dinner and enjoy the outdoor downtown shopping mall. Needless to say the days have been long...I fell aspleep last night at 8:30pm and didn't move untill Mom woke me up at 7:30 this morning!

The trip has been fun! We are excited about our trip from this point on as it will be filled with mountains and sites to see...unlike Nebraska and Iowa. What I have deemed the WORST 2 states in the country...and we tackled both of them! Today we will be heading through Colorado into Utah where we will stop in Cedar Springs.

I have posted some pictures of the trip to go along so you could see all the great sights with us! We didn't want you to miss a beat from the corn fields to washing the BILLIONS of bugs off the car :) Talk to you soon!

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Send off... is my last day as a Michigan Resident! Tomorrow afternoon (12:00) my Mom and I are leaving for Vegas! The 34 hour trip will put us in Las Vegas on Tuesday! We will be making the trip in my NEW car! :) Pretty exciting! I was initiated into adulthood on May 19th when I purchased a 2008 Ford Focus! I love the car and think it will make the trip out there pretty exciting! I'm lookin' for phone calls between Saturday and Tuesday on the road ;)

Upon arrival, I have to go straight to the office to get my key and information on my house. My will help me move things in and then her and I are heading over the hotel we will be staying at while Mom is in town. The house has some pretty out of control rules on it becuase it belongs to the company, so a hotel is in order. Mom will be in town until Saturday afternoon. That gives me one day to myself before work begins on Monday! :)

I am anticipating visits to new churches untill I find the right fit! I've been in contact with people from two different churches out I am excited to finally meet those Ive been Emailing with! God continues to show himself faithful throughout this entire process! A need hasn't gone unmet and his leadership seems to be evident throughout this time! Im excited to be stretched as I venture out in independence (although I'm controling the stretching by investing in a GPS system haha).

I will check in again after my arrival and let you know how I'm doing! :)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Thank you!

Hello everyone!!

Thank you SO much for sharing in this time of transition with me. I am very excited to see where God is going to take me and the people He will have me meet! I am excited for the days that are ahead as I venture into a city I know very little about!

I have decided to create a Blog so each of you can go on this jouney with me! I will be updating it periodically with stories and pictures of where I'm at! (I can almost promise humorous stories to come)

My Mom, Dad, and I will be making the 3 day drive cross country to Las Vegas the end of May, and they will catch a flight home from there! Staying just enough time to get me settled into my not so permanent home. I will be living at the company apartment (just around the block from the office) for the first two months, so I can have time to find a place of my own. So untill then, I will not have a mailing address. I will keep you updated.

Thank you once again for celebrating with me, as I like to say, "becoming a real person." I'll do my best to make ya proud :)