Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Certainty of Purpose

Today I was asked a question that continues to linger even after the question is gone. It is a question I feel we all ask at different moments in life; specifically when a season is just beginning or coming to an end. Yet,I also believe that it is a question we are fearful to answer, unsure of the truth, and get frustrated looking for an outcome! So instead of answering it, we wait for the heartburn to dissipate and go back to living life until it rears its ugly head again. The question? What is it inside of you that makes you sure you know your purpose for life?

Have you ever thought about it before? And I don't mean questioning what your life purpose is, but questioning the certainty that rests inside of you?

My response really has two answers, both of which are quite simple. I am certain that I know my purpose in life because of God's grace saturating my insides. It is only because I know that God uses the foolish things to shame the wise and the inadequate to bring Him glory that I know God can use my trials, failures, and self-righteous acts to redeem what has been lost in the world. It's nearly impossible for me to wrap my mind around the idea that when God birthed me into existence He had the world on His heart! Its humbling that such a big God would create me, specifically to be a part of His activity in the world. Jesus' sacrifice is the only justification I can fathom for entrusting any possibility of purpose to me.

The other reason for the certainty resting inside of me in the truth: the infallible Word of God. I am constantly dipping my dehydrated heart back into the water to bring life and rejuvenation! It's while I'm there, quenching my thirst, that I come to know what my purpose in the world is! Although I know that what we deem as "our purpose" is both unique and intentionally designed, the purpose is not the activity! The activity is merely the behaviors that are manifestations of an internal relationship. The way we live out our purpose is through the overflow or byproduct of an intimate relationship with God. Our ultimate purpose is not to complete an activity; it is to pursue a relationship. It is only when we spend time falling deeper in love that we can even begin to comprehend the character of God. It is as we delve into His character that we begin to recognize His voice. And as His voice becomes so familiar and His hand so evident - that is when we are living in moments that will change the world! These are the moments of purpose we long for, but so many times I believe we have missed the relationship that will guide us there.

I suppose there is really only one thing inside of me that gives me confidence that I am on purpose: Jesus. And as I continue to hear the whisper of that still small voice, feel the unconditional love of His heartbeat in my own chest, and allow myself to vulnerably sit in His presence - I will rest assured that I am in the palm of the hand of purpose.

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