Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Growing, Growing, Growing...

Brought to you from the green couch on the second floor of the Palm Villas Apartment... it's Vanessa Vann with another Vegas update :)

I now know why I'm supposed to write in this thing on a regular basis... because I've started writing and deleted everything 4 times now. There is just TOO much to say!! So I might as well start from the very beginning. Grab your favorite treat and a comfy blanket cause this post is going to be a bit lengthy!

I now have THE most beautiful new addition to my family! Her name is Clare Jane Jackson and she is the cutest little girl in the world! I was able to take a whole week off of work and fly to N.C. to meet my new niece. It was so exciting to be there for the WHOLE thing (even the false alarm :) ) It was great to see Meliss (who is a ROCK STAR) and LD (who is a stud) especially because it had been so long. Because Clare decided to come in her own perfect time, my trip over lapped my Mom and Dad's too which was perfect!!! The Jackson crew will NOT be coming home for Thanksgiving so we will all have to wait till Christmas to see them! I miss my big sister like crazy!!!!!

Very exciting at work...in just over a month, I've been able to watch 3 SAU employees (Kim Hayworth, Mike England, and Mallary Wiley) go through one of our Leadership Programs at Rapport! It is so fun every time to watch two of my worlds collide with one another. But more importantly, I get the joy of watching so much growth take place before my very eyes! As much as each of them has thanked me for the opportunity I was able to give to them, the amount of growth they provoke in my life as they continue to ask questions and stretch themselves is a blessing to me!

We also just launched our new website that I've been working on since I first got to Rapport. www.RapportEducation.com

One of Melissa's friends from High School got married out here on the Strip so it was lots of fun not only to go to the wedding, but also to see some more familiar faces :)

I've always been told that growin' up ain't easy... and sometimes more than others I realize that! Along with voting...Today I got to go to Court to defend a speeding ticket I received and left feeling like such a grown up :) I walked out with the exact intention I walked in with (in other words... God was completely on my side :) ) I constantly call my Mom and Dad and ask questions, advice, and for prayer... and I think that's how it's supposed to be. And if it's not... well then it is my intention to redefine adulthood :)

I am now a proud member of "The Ladybugs", a group of women that meet once a week for dinner and a Bible Study. There are about 35 women of all ages in the group. I also was able to attend the Hope Women's Retreat at Mt. Zion in St. George Utah. BEAUTIFUL! There were 85 women there, a great speaker, and awesome worship! I also continue to lead a group of eight 12 yr olds in "Refuge" (youth group) once a week. We are having a slumber party at my apartment in a few weeks. Bring on the nail polish, chick flicks, and pizza :) I love being 12!!!

This weekend I will be traveling to Tahoe to host a "Spaghetti Cook Off Fund Raiser Dinner" for work. I believe that's why I like my job so much... i get to do a little bit of everything. Today I was reminded of how absolutely blessed I am to not only have A job, but one that I love and makes an impact on the world. The economy has caused many people to lose jobs and take pay cuts... and as I watch that happen around me I am so humbled. I again go back to having complete confidence that this is the place God has me because this is the place He desires to use me. God's provision continues to astound me every single day!

I am SO very excited to be traveling home for some Turkey this Thanksgiving! I believe Thanksgiving will take on a whole new meaning for me this year as I have arrived at a place in my life that I truly do appreciate family, friends, and faithfulness. Holy smokes...I'm growin' up!

Again, thank you for your prayers!! I feel every single one of them! I look forward to seeing you all on my visit home! Drop me a line to let me know how you are doing: vvann@rapportleadership.com.

(Obama JUST became president)

Sending love from Vegas,