Sunday, May 16, 2010

I Dare you to!

I'm going on a new journey and would really love to invite you along if you are interested in coming! Its a journey I've had a desire to take for quite a while, yet just recently developed a passion to live out! You may have heard of the "Love Dare" - a book created for the hearts of couples to really saturate and strengthen their relationship through love. And, I bet I know exactly what your thinking - Vanessa, your single! Well, beginning this love journey is really a dare I wanted to take on for me!

The truth is, I want to learn to love better! I want to be able to love my neighbor who is always in my business, the co-worker that gets under my skin at times, the guy who cut me off in traffic this morning, and the stranger I pass and don't even see. And more than anything, I desire to fall deeper in love with my God! I want to know the love that gives without expecting and the kind that pours out without ever drying out! I am taking on this dare because I believe love isn't only a missing ingredient in marriages today, but in lives today!

If I can learn to think of others at a greater capacity than I think of myself, if I can step into the life-shoes of another person without having to live in them, if I can realize there is more to gain by loving than there is to lose - then this journey will have been worth it! I'm ready to dig into a deeper understanding of this sacrificial willingness to serve called love! As I take on this dare, not only do I want to understand the hearts of others, but most importantly I'm conducting an autopsy on the health of my own heart! God said to Love, over every other command He gives - just Love!

I'm not on a journey to find love, but to embody it! I commit 1 year to challenging myself, not to live better - but to love better!

I, Vanessa Vann, take on the Love Dare!


Greg said...

Great challenge! That message is for anybody and everybody :)

Me. Thats all. said...

What a privileged this is for you! Love is so fun!

Oh yeah, I love you!!