Thursday, September 11, 2008

Flyin' high!

Hello everybody!!!
Yes, I am alive and doing quite well! It's hard to believe that in only being here 3 months I've already found myself saying... man I'm busy! yet I wouldn't have it any other way!

Let me catch you up to speed on some exciting things going on in LV :)
  • I SURVIVED my first evaluation from work!! Woo hoo! And the good news was that not only did I make it... they also gave me a little raise because of the extra work I am doing!! It was a tremendous growing opportunity for me as the corporate world continues to keep me guessing :)

  • Summer has finally started to fade and we are headed into fall! Today was only 87... not bad! I continue to be baffled by how much it costs to keep a small apt cool...yet I have a difficult time holding my ground and always end up turning it back on! haha.

  • I am now a proud member of a gym pass... although not exciting to many of you...kick boxing has become one of my favorite things to do after sitting in the office.

  • Last weekend I went on my 4th class for work: Eagle Quest! It was AMAZING!!! The class was a high ropes class (given the name of my entry...I had the opportunity to take myself to new heights). My warrior name for the class was "Joyful Star." "Joy" for something I desire to keep in my life and "star"representing a star fish and its continual growth even when faced with struggle and brokenness. This class was by far one of the most powerful things I have ever done before, but also the most powerful thing I have ever done for MYSELF. (that would need a whole entry to itself) With the class we also got to proclaim a dream for our life in which mine is that "I am a faithful Christian, confident woman, and strong warrior who allows my soul to sing, my feet to dance, and my lips to speak words that will change the world. I will leave the world a better place than I found it!" Needless to say... the take away from the class was beyond my expectation!

  • On a similar note, this week is an exciting time for me as one of my Professors (and now VP) of SAU is going through class! She flew in from MI, went to class, and will be staying with me after graduation tomorrow! I realized what a vulnerable place I have put myself in as I share my passion with another person... not knowing what the reaction will be. Yet I have also taken the realization of how confident I am in the career I have chosen and the opportunity that has been made available to me to assist others in utilizing their own potential!

  • Last night I enjoyed going to the Italian Feast in town... a huge festival with a lot of GREAT food and music. I worked a booth with the youth group from church and enjoyed such a great time!

As you can see... the last few weeks have been constant...and a tremendous amount of growth has taken place in my own life. I am continuing to develop my own sense of self and how God desires to use me in this great big world! At the same time I'm having a blast and living in the opportunities that present themselves! Next weekend I will be heading to Disneyland for 2 days with work... woo hoo!!! And then off to N.C. to meet my new beautiful niece (if my sister ever decides to pop her out... only time will tell). I will be staying in N.C. for 7 days!! What a special treat!!!

One of these days I'm going to make the venture home to see you all... I really do miss the familiar faces!! And I know that Thanksgiving will be here before I know it!

Until then... enjoy some pictures from my high ropes class last week and laugh as you imagine all the crazy fun that took place!!!

Love from Vegas :)