Friday, July 25, 2008

Feelin' PINK!

One full week I have now been living in my apt. I absolutely love it. I wasn't too sure how I would enjoy living on my own; I have no complaints thus far! I met my neighbors today... a nice guy and gal! I am BEYOND ready for my furniture. God always seems to provide though. Last Saturday I went out "furniture shopping" in which I came home with absolutely nothing except a smoothie and some really funny experiences. I ended up at a warehouse for "online sales only" as the man told me. However, after a few batting of the lashes managed to get him to pull out the futon I wanted to look at and put it together for me. However, when I sat on it and I told him how uncomfy it was...I think he was a little less than impressed. The good news is that I went into work and Nicole told me I was more than welcome to getting some furniture from her...a couch, bed frame, mattresses, and an armour. Sweet!!! God comes through AGAIN!

Tonight I had plans to go to the Hard Rock Hotel for some karaoke with the girls from work however unexpectedly got PINK EYE!! GROSS! And I think I'm just a bit under the weather. I was told this is the worst time of year for the Newbies to Vegas cause we all find out we have allergies. So I'm not sure which I'm suffering from. All I know is that I will be resting and getting over it quick! Tonight I did make a delicious key lime pie for the cookout at Nicole's tomorrow with some people from work.

Last Sunday I ventured to the other side of town to meet Erin, a girl I have been Emailing since before I arrived out here. She invited me out to her church and lunch. It was fun and I met some really nice people. Monday night I went to the women's Bible study and that was great too! However it makes for a crazy day going to work form 8-5, making dinner, and bible study from 6:30-9:30. It was a beautiful drive out there to the tip of the mountains though! Every day I drive home from work and just praise God for the beauty out here! I feel as though it goes over looked by so many people who live out here because they are so used to the scenery. However for me... it's absolutely beauty!

Next weekend Mom and Dad will be out here! I'M SO EXCITED!!!! Family, furniture, and fun on the strip :) I'm excited cause they get to go to a Teen graduation while they are out here too! They will be here til Monday or Tuesday.

I was so excited to get the chance to catch up with both Chris and Kris this week! Its so fun to hear how people are doing and how God is working in their lives. And daily I'm reminded that I have some way sweet friends at home!

I just realized after reading over this that the people I work with are absolutely right! I use exclamation points WAY too much! But it's just cause I'm excited about what I'm saying. (I use !!!! in my phone reports...apparently unnecessary!)

I will be sure to post some pics of Mom and Dads trip out here! :) I'm sure we'll have some good ones!


Friday, July 18, 2008

Oops i forgot the pics :)

A new place to lay my head...

Now this is home... all I need is some furniture! :) After working from 8-5:30 on Tuesday, I got home, loaded up the car and headed over to my new apt. Breann from work and her husband Brandon met me and helped me unload everything which was AWESOME! I can't say there was a lot of stuff seeing that everything I own fits into my Focus, but a lot for one person to unload up a flight of stairs in 120 degree weather for sure!

I realized there were some things that I was missing since I dont have furniture yet, so I borrowed a few things from the Rapport House (sheets, pillows, towels, etc) and headed to Target for everything else. I now sleep on the most reliable air mattress known to man and up untill today have eaten subway for every meal becuase I didn't have the gas for my stove turned on yet! But it's nice to have my own space and have a place to come home to each night that is mine.

I was SO excited to find that my apt is picking up a wireless internet signal so I do have the internet! God is so stinkin' good! As silly as it sounds after I connected to the internet I just sat on the floor (no furniture reminder) and said out loud "THANK YOU JESUS!" What a blessing! I dont have a television yet... but a girl from church is letting me borrow a TV and DVD player untill mine comes. Everything has just gone the way its supposed to and every need continues to be met!

Mom called today and asked what I was doing and as I told her how strange it is to be an adult and in my own place, I was laying on the floor making snow angels in the carpet (no furniture reminder). This weekend I have two guys coming over to drop off a dresser, book shelf, and patio furniture that has been donated to the "Take care of Vanessa fund" :) My aptartment is about 7 minutes from work (about 12 min from the strip to give you an idea) but I'm proud to announce my mailing address is no longer Vegas!

Here is my new Address:
650 Whitney Ranch Drive
Apt #3624
Henderson, NV 89014

Here are some pictures of the new place...once again... no furniture... just some walls :) I'll be sure to get some pics up once the furniture arrives:)

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Last Night...

Tonight is my last night living in the Rapport House. Tomorrow after work I will be moving to the Palm Villas... my new home! I'm SO excited to finally have a place of my own... a place to call home! It'll be nice to say it's mine and know that I don't have to come home from work and check all the doors to see if I have a new roommate for the night; I can stop labeling my groceries in the fridge; I can leave my toothbrush and tooth paste in the shower; and I can lay around in my PJs on the weekend! It's the little things in life :)

Things have been going well! Last weekend I went for the first time "On-Team" for the teen leadership classes! It was truly an amazing experience and definitely gave me a new passion for what exactly it is we do! Seeing the lives of each of these students completely transformed in a matter of 2 1/2 days makes me want to get as many teens in these classes as possible. I had two parents call me today at work (one crying on the phone) amazed at the confidence, love, and passion their children came home with. It just makes me excited and pushes me to continue forward on my own journey to one day be a Teen Leadership Breakthrough Trainer.

God has continued to bless me, grow me, and love me as I have adjusted to a new life. I couldn't have asked for this transition to go any smoother than it has! I'm still receiving encouragement cards from family and friends back home... and everyday I receive a card I thank God for all of the people He has placed in my life! People at work pass by my desk and are amazed at all of the encouragement cards I have hanging on my bulletin boards. And I have such love and pride in my heart to tell them what amazing people I have in my life. Although the transition has gone well I still can't wait for Mom and Dad to come and see what my life is about out here. And to see Meliss and LD and their beautiful lil girl. Sometimes I can't believe I have survived nearly 2 months on my own... and I know it's because of His guidance and every one's prayers!

After I get moved into my new place I will be sure to take some pictures and post them so you can see the new Crib :) Until then...


Sunday, July 6, 2008

An Eventful Weekend

I experience my first official "holiday" from work... aka a 3 day weekend! YES! It was a lot of fun... lots got done... and I feel ready for a new week! :) I did a lot of "Grown up... independent woman" things this weekend (haha that just made me laugh typing it). But it is true! And I'll prove it :) Here are a few of the things I did:


grocery shopping


cooking (I actually cooked my REAL first meal...pathetic but true)

Went shopping alone for like 3 hours!

finished up some work from last week I didn't' have time to do at the office

went to the bank for the down payment on my NEW apt :)

took care of "Finances" (haha)

went to church

worked in the nursery

oh and I may have had a bit of fun with some friends ;)

For the fourth of July my friend Aubrey, who just moved here from Georgia, came over for dinner. We met up with about 5 people from church for a movie (Hancock... real good), met up with more people from church, went to the Henderson fireworks, and then went to the pool hall for a bit... in which I kicked major butt at pool (total fluke). But, it was a fun day! Here are some pictures from the 4th!


Sunset before the fireworks

Kim, me and Aubrey

Kim and I before the fireworks

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Something to get used to...

Sorry it's been a while since I've updated. I hear it from Melissa all the time when I fall behind. Things are going well... a lot to get used to. The heat has reached the unbearable 113 degrees. A bit much at times but I've never been so thankful for air conditioning. I'm beginning to learn many of the secrets to desert living.

1)Always carry a sweater with you no matter where you go. It will be air conditioned and feel like a freezer!
2)When parking your car for a long period of time, leave the windows open just a crack otherwise your car windows have the potential of cracking due to the extreme heat.
3)Always carry the following with you: water, sunglasses, lotion, and lip gloss
4) Only play outdoor activities after the sun goes down and the temp has cooled to atleast 90 degrees.

That's all in the area of helpful hints for right now. I'm sure more are to come.

I had the opportunity to go to my final class (Power Communication) last weekend. It was a great class and a lot of fun going with Breann and some of my other co-workers. It was Fri-Sun from 8am-12pm just about every night. Needless to say we were worn out! One of my homework assignments included going to Chuck E Cheese with 18 other adults! We had a blast playing tokens, collecting tickets, eating pizza, and ofcourse getting a pic with Chuck E Cheese himself! It was a blast! But all that to finally finish out the weekend at Graduation being one of the only Master Graduates. That means I have completed over 100 hours of Rapport Leadership Training. This also gives me the certificate needed to go "ON-TEAM" with the Teen department and assist the trainers. I will be going on my first ON TEAM experience next weekend July 11-13 to a camp about 45 min outside of Vegas!

There are a lot of changes going on within my role in the company. I recently took on the job of the ON TEAM coordinator in conjunction with my current roles of Coordinator of Educational Programs and Assistant to the V.P. Bridgit (the VP) continues to tell me all of these roles are temporary untill we can hire on more staff. This past week has been filled with exciting things as Rapport Empowered Education is breaking off into it's own company from Rapport leadership International. The vision that is ahead continues to leave me speechless. Within the next 2 years there will be over 100 people working in my department (one that is currently run by 5 people). But it has been awesome as I've had the opportunity to write the new company mission statement, have a hand in picking logos, designing business cards, and creating the new company website. I will let you know when it's up and running! :) Also exciting in that area was that I was asked to accompany the Trainers to our newest training facility located in the Dominican Republic in October.

On a more personal level, the essence of "home" is about to make a major change as I will be officially moving to my new apartment on July 15th! I'm extremely excited about the move and ready to have a place of my own... with MY stuff in it! It will truly be an adventurous change as none of my furniture is arriving from Michigan untill Aug when Mom and Dad get out here. I'm headed to Target this weekend to find the most comfy air mattress you've ever seen! Again, when I get the new address I'll be sure to forward it out to everyone!

Things have begun to move forward here, but it's difficult at the same time to know that things are moving forward back at home as well! Since I've been away... Kevin graduated from High School, 6 close friends have gotten married, my sisters tummy continues to grow, LifeChangers has come and gone, friends have taken on new careers, and the fam is spending their last 4th of July up at our favorite get away! It's strange to think no one from home truly knows where I'm at, what I'm doing, or what my new world looks like! I'm ready to see you guys! I'm ready for visitors! I'm ready to get into my new place and feel like I have a place that is home for me. I'm stuck in this crazy middle step where I've been away from Michigan long enough to say I don't live there any more, but I'm still living in this crazy house that feels more like a hotel everyday!

Please continue to pray for me as I truely settle into a new place in the next week and half.
Happy 4th of July... LOVE YOU!