Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's coming...

Can you believe the holiday season is already here?! It's nuts! And I must admit that I'm ready for them. Not ready in the "gifts purchased" kind of way, but ready for the holiday cheer! Yesterday I enjoyed a relaxing evening at home and realized just how ready I was. I curled up on the couch with my plaid pajamas, a cup of hot chocolate, and watched "The Holiday." If that doesn't put you in the Holiday spirits I'm not sure what will! Christmas music has started playing in most of the stores and "holiday specials" are starting to fill the weekend paper and my Email inbox! The flights home are purchased for both Thanksgiving and Christmas!! It's not all complete, but it's a great start :)

This Wednesday I will be catching my flight to Michigan to spend Thanksgiving with my Family. Julie, a friend from college, is spending Thanksgiving with the Vann's this year as her family lives in Idaho. The Jackson's will be headed to celebrate Thanksgiving with our family on Friday afternoon. Mom is all sorts of jazzed for the whole family to be back together again. She has a photographer coming for a Vann Family photo shoot on Friday as well. We will also be celebrating my nephew Jayden's 1st birthday too! Lots of festivities in a relatively short 4 day weekend!

In the mean time, I enjoying a 3 day work week! Celebrating Thanksgiving with a company potluck on Tuesday along with celebrating my friend Melissa's Birthday. I'm going to be a party queen in no time with all of the celebrating :)

I will be sure to post photos after the weekend visit home with the fam! I hope you enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving and reflect on just how blessed you are! God is so good... and there is much to be thankful for!

Let the celebrating begin...

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jacksonfamily said...

Yay for Thanksgiving and YAY for us all being in Michigan. I am kind of sad one of the highlights of your trip isn't a coffee date with your sister, but I guess I'll let it slide. Can't wait to see you Friday. I love you lots xoxox