Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Forced Sabbath

So, have you ever experienced those times in your life when you are going at the speed of light and there is absolutely nothing you were willing to give up...because it just ALL has to be done? That's the point that I was at until about noon yesterday, when God decided to put me on a forced sabbath : a day(s) of absolute rest. Sometimes I get going and I know that I need to slow down but it just all needs to get done. And that is when God forcefully sets me down (this time with the H1N1 flu) and says "THERE. I did it for you!". After spending time in California, participating in several activities at church, working, hosting family in town, and getting ready to head back to Cali tomorrow...God just said "enough is enough."

Last night I dropped my mom, Cissy, and Kristen off at the airport after a 5 day stay in Las Vegas. They flew in on Friday morning and we sent Kristen off to participate in the Teen Leadership Breakthrough class at Rapport. Its always fun to have family members take the class. That evening Mom, Cissy, and I went to have dinner at the Yard House and play an exciting game of Bingo at the Southpoint Casino. SO MUCH FUN! Saturday was filled with visiting Red Rock and looking at some model homes available out that way. I fell in love with one of them and was ready to move in that afternoon!! Cissy had a chance to visit my church and then we went down to the strip to watch the dueling pianos, dancing Bellagio fountains, and fun on the town. Sunday we went out to spend the day in Alamo for Kristen's graduation! She did great and I was very proud of her!!! Of course she needed a chance to see "Vegas" too, so Monday night we went back down to LV BLVD and watched the gondolas in the Venetian and ate some ice cream at Serendipity!

Yesterday when I woke up I wasn't feeling the best, but thought it was just a little chest cold. I was mistaking in the afternoon when i had a fever and ended up in Urgent Care :( We had a quiet evening at home before an airport run last night. It was a good visit and, as always, I was a bit spoiled ;)

Unfortunately I have become one of the H1N1 statistics which means no California trip this weekend and a few days working from home. The Dr says it takes anywhere from 2-10 days to rid the fever away... my plan is 2 days... that is plenty of resting for me! I can only do so much Sudoku, watch so many movies, and eat so much bland food. :)

I'm looking forward to a Thanksgiving trip in a few weeks... i can't believe it's already that time of year! Christmas is just around the corner!! Excited to spend some time with my big sis and to see Clare and Jayden playing together!! :) How fun!!

Well, better get back to my "resting"... sheesh!

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jacksonfamily said...

I wish I could bring over some soup for you!! And I can't wait to see you either in just two weeks!!!!! I LOVE YOU