Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Celebrating EVERY DAY!

Look at me! I'm already getting better at my new goal of blogging on a regular basis :)

So, today I had a great realization! And that is...there is really so much to celebrate daily! At the end of the day when I talk to my Mom (yes, a daily occurrence) or in the morning when I talk to Melissa (also occurring multiple times a day) I account to them all of the exciting things that took place, or things that I'm looking forward to in the day. And tonight I was thinking about it, there is really SO many awesome things that God does DAILY in my life that I get to take the time to celebrate more often!!

Today I had a meeting at Hinman Elem School (where we hosted Power Packs 4 Success in the fall) and realized that we get to have an even greater relationship. I'm working with the school right now to put on what we are calling "A Day of Dreams!" I'm not really sure what all of that really looks like yet, but I do know that it is going to have a significant impact on the students, families, and the school as a whole!! Not to mention we are bringing a second school on board this year (Harmon Elem School) next fall. It's the joke on our board that last year we worked with Hinman, next year Harmon, that means we get to find "Helman" for the next year! Then, as we were sitting there talking to the principal she said to me, "Vanessa, we just would really appreciate you coming in and teaching our students more about your personal philosophies and values because it has made such an impact on our students!" WOW - God continues to open doors for me to share His promises even in the public schools!

I was SO excited tonight because I got to have a night out with some girlfriends (Alicia and Mary Lou). After we finished great food and conversation we all went our separate ways. As I was getting ready to leave Town Square I ran into, Jenn, a girl on the PP4S board and, John, a friend from church! Although it may seem like nothing much, I've continued to pray that God would just make this place my home while I am here. That I would feel the comforts of home even though I'm so far away from my family! One of the greatest comforts of home for me is running into familiar faces around town! I was SUPER excited about seeing both of them! Really an answer to prayer!

And let's not forget to celebrate my favorite barista at Starbucks!!! Although silly, they totally make my day when I get a chance to go! This morning I walked in and they told me they want me to taste a new drink they have! They were so excited for me to taste it! She told me if I didn't like it they would make me a new one! Every time I go in there they give me a bigger size than I order, or give me a free drink, or a coupon of some sort! I love it! And it's things like that, that don't get celebrated nearly enough, yet do make an impact on my day!

God is everywhere and in everything! The things we often forget to do is notice Him! Today a college professor of mine sent an Email telling me his family has gone through some hardships and his sister-in-law has completely walked away from her relationship with God. As I read that, God laid something on my heart. I wrote back to him saying, "God continues to pursue her daily. Pray that she will notice Him." God is pursuing each of us daily... waiting for the moment we notice His activity! So... I decided today was a day of CELEBRATION!!! And I pray that every day, moving forward, I will continue to notice the ways He deserves to be celebrated!

That's all :)

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