Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Great things I'm learning about life...

You know, there are some really great things about life that no one really seems to pass on. I don't if know it's that there are only a few people that have taken time to notice it, or maybe haven't discovered those things for themselves yet? Or, perhaps it's that they suppose everyone knows... I'm not really sure. But what I do know, is that there are some important lessons that never get passed on... how to save money, expect the unexpected, learn to prioritize, and be flexible!

  • I just bought a $70 dress for $1.89 and I was not at a thrift store!! And that, my friend, gives great proof to the theory that Shopping IS indeed a sport! Some win and some lose!! Today... I WON!!! I can only imagine that if men understood this... they would encourage their wife to play. You see regardless of if she is on a team or not, she's going to shop. Yet if you allow her to believe it's a sport ... you can save a lot more money!
  • Always make friends with your neighbors...no matter how OLD they may be! You never know when they will have your back and report you as "dead" to the front office because you were a bit under the whether and they hadn't seen you in a few days! It's the people you least expect that always come through for you when you need someone most! Expect the unexpected!
  • I was talking to a girlfriend of mine and she was saying that her husband gets so frustrated when she refers to his hunting equipment as accessories. The name we give objects of course defines what that object is. So I have a new idea of calling my "accessories" (jewelry, purse, hair clips, etc)... equipment. Because it is indeed that equipment that allows you to function to your full potential for the day. Equipment is something you MUST have...accessories are merely optional additions. Learn to prioritize!
  • There is nothing you can find in a tool box that you don't already have in another (more easily accessible) location. For example, I bought some new pictures to hang on the wall and didn't have a hammer. That's why God created high heels. A nice sturdy point that you can use no matter where you are! Be flexible!

There are so many lessons to learn and as I learn them... I'm committed to passing along that knowledge for others to gain from and enjoy! :)

All in a days work,

Vaness ;)

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