Friday, July 18, 2008

A new place to lay my head...

Now this is home... all I need is some furniture! :) After working from 8-5:30 on Tuesday, I got home, loaded up the car and headed over to my new apt. Breann from work and her husband Brandon met me and helped me unload everything which was AWESOME! I can't say there was a lot of stuff seeing that everything I own fits into my Focus, but a lot for one person to unload up a flight of stairs in 120 degree weather for sure!

I realized there were some things that I was missing since I dont have furniture yet, so I borrowed a few things from the Rapport House (sheets, pillows, towels, etc) and headed to Target for everything else. I now sleep on the most reliable air mattress known to man and up untill today have eaten subway for every meal becuase I didn't have the gas for my stove turned on yet! But it's nice to have my own space and have a place to come home to each night that is mine.

I was SO excited to find that my apt is picking up a wireless internet signal so I do have the internet! God is so stinkin' good! As silly as it sounds after I connected to the internet I just sat on the floor (no furniture reminder) and said out loud "THANK YOU JESUS!" What a blessing! I dont have a television yet... but a girl from church is letting me borrow a TV and DVD player untill mine comes. Everything has just gone the way its supposed to and every need continues to be met!

Mom called today and asked what I was doing and as I told her how strange it is to be an adult and in my own place, I was laying on the floor making snow angels in the carpet (no furniture reminder). This weekend I have two guys coming over to drop off a dresser, book shelf, and patio furniture that has been donated to the "Take care of Vanessa fund" :) My aptartment is about 7 minutes from work (about 12 min from the strip to give you an idea) but I'm proud to announce my mailing address is no longer Vegas!

Here is my new Address:
650 Whitney Ranch Drive
Apt #3624
Henderson, NV 89014

Here are some pictures of the new place...once again... no furniture... just some walls :) I'll be sure to get some pics up once the furniture arrives:)

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