Monday, July 14, 2008

The Last Night...

Tonight is my last night living in the Rapport House. Tomorrow after work I will be moving to the Palm Villas... my new home! I'm SO excited to finally have a place of my own... a place to call home! It'll be nice to say it's mine and know that I don't have to come home from work and check all the doors to see if I have a new roommate for the night; I can stop labeling my groceries in the fridge; I can leave my toothbrush and tooth paste in the shower; and I can lay around in my PJs on the weekend! It's the little things in life :)

Things have been going well! Last weekend I went for the first time "On-Team" for the teen leadership classes! It was truly an amazing experience and definitely gave me a new passion for what exactly it is we do! Seeing the lives of each of these students completely transformed in a matter of 2 1/2 days makes me want to get as many teens in these classes as possible. I had two parents call me today at work (one crying on the phone) amazed at the confidence, love, and passion their children came home with. It just makes me excited and pushes me to continue forward on my own journey to one day be a Teen Leadership Breakthrough Trainer.

God has continued to bless me, grow me, and love me as I have adjusted to a new life. I couldn't have asked for this transition to go any smoother than it has! I'm still receiving encouragement cards from family and friends back home... and everyday I receive a card I thank God for all of the people He has placed in my life! People at work pass by my desk and are amazed at all of the encouragement cards I have hanging on my bulletin boards. And I have such love and pride in my heart to tell them what amazing people I have in my life. Although the transition has gone well I still can't wait for Mom and Dad to come and see what my life is about out here. And to see Meliss and LD and their beautiful lil girl. Sometimes I can't believe I have survived nearly 2 months on my own... and I know it's because of His guidance and every one's prayers!

After I get moved into my new place I will be sure to take some pictures and post them so you can see the new Crib :) Until then...


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Jessica said...

Vaness! I'm so happy for you and glad that everything is going so great! I know how hard it is to move to a new place and adjust to a new life...I'm glad you are loving it so much! Good luck with your move! Email me with your new
I love you tons!