Friday, July 25, 2008

Feelin' PINK!

One full week I have now been living in my apt. I absolutely love it. I wasn't too sure how I would enjoy living on my own; I have no complaints thus far! I met my neighbors today... a nice guy and gal! I am BEYOND ready for my furniture. God always seems to provide though. Last Saturday I went out "furniture shopping" in which I came home with absolutely nothing except a smoothie and some really funny experiences. I ended up at a warehouse for "online sales only" as the man told me. However, after a few batting of the lashes managed to get him to pull out the futon I wanted to look at and put it together for me. However, when I sat on it and I told him how uncomfy it was...I think he was a little less than impressed. The good news is that I went into work and Nicole told me I was more than welcome to getting some furniture from her...a couch, bed frame, mattresses, and an armour. Sweet!!! God comes through AGAIN!

Tonight I had plans to go to the Hard Rock Hotel for some karaoke with the girls from work however unexpectedly got PINK EYE!! GROSS! And I think I'm just a bit under the weather. I was told this is the worst time of year for the Newbies to Vegas cause we all find out we have allergies. So I'm not sure which I'm suffering from. All I know is that I will be resting and getting over it quick! Tonight I did make a delicious key lime pie for the cookout at Nicole's tomorrow with some people from work.

Last Sunday I ventured to the other side of town to meet Erin, a girl I have been Emailing since before I arrived out here. She invited me out to her church and lunch. It was fun and I met some really nice people. Monday night I went to the women's Bible study and that was great too! However it makes for a crazy day going to work form 8-5, making dinner, and bible study from 6:30-9:30. It was a beautiful drive out there to the tip of the mountains though! Every day I drive home from work and just praise God for the beauty out here! I feel as though it goes over looked by so many people who live out here because they are so used to the scenery. However for me... it's absolutely beauty!

Next weekend Mom and Dad will be out here! I'M SO EXCITED!!!! Family, furniture, and fun on the strip :) I'm excited cause they get to go to a Teen graduation while they are out here too! They will be here til Monday or Tuesday.

I was so excited to get the chance to catch up with both Chris and Kris this week! Its so fun to hear how people are doing and how God is working in their lives. And daily I'm reminded that I have some way sweet friends at home!

I just realized after reading over this that the people I work with are absolutely right! I use exclamation points WAY too much! But it's just cause I'm excited about what I'm saying. (I use !!!! in my phone reports...apparently unnecessary!)

I will be sure to post some pics of Mom and Dads trip out here! :) I'm sure we'll have some good ones!


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Lissa519 said...

Your exclamation points made me laugh out loud! I'm glad you use them, it seems like its actually you talking because thats how you talk...with excessive exclamation!