Sunday, June 1, 2008

Real life kicks in...

Yesterday was my first official day here in Las Vegas by myself. Mom left about noon and I managed to find my way back to the house on my own. I had made contact with a family who lives down here that is friends with the Riddles...and they had invited me to a BBQ last night. Ofcourse, having no friends, I accepted te invitation! It was a great way to meet some new people and split up my Saturday night so I didnt' spend the whole time by myself! Martha, the Mom of the family, invited me to go to church with them this morning and ofcourse I accepted that invitation as well.

It was a quite night around here last night as I am the only one staying in the hosue this weekend, but it was actually an appreciate time. I was able to finish unpacking a bit, put on my PJs and watch a movie :) I was excited yesterday afternoon...I looked in the backyard and realized I had a hot tub in the backyard. Already making plans of when I was goign to get in...I walked out to check it out only to find it had NO WATER in it! BUMMER DUDE!

Its always strange around here in the morning becuase you never know if a guest has come in during the night to stay in the house. So this mornign I got up and tip toed around for a while to make sure no one had come in. I went to church this morning at Lake Mead Christian. A very nice church.I really enjoyed it!...there just doesn't seem to be many people my age. I heard about a young adult Bible study that meets on Tuesday nights at Hope Bapt so I may go over there Tuesday night.

All in all I really do like it here. I'm beginning to get a little nervous about my first day of work tomorrow. I dont know what to expect really! And I think it's a little strange that I am goign to be living with my boss for a week in the house...but who knows...maybe it'll help us bond :) I hope she likes the Bachelorette cause that's what I have planned tomorrow night :) HAHA. I will be sure to write tomorrow after work to let you know how my frist day in the "Corporate world" was :)

Love you...Miss you!

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Mandy said...

Oh my goodness Ness, you'll do soooo great tomorrow! Remember this week is a learning curve'll be a lot LESS frustrated if you can keep that in mind!! Call me, text me, if you want to reach me! (hehe, a throw back song lyric for you)

We're adults now. I have so much to tell how I got a job and how Laura and I are moving in together...yikes! talk to you soon!