Saturday, June 14, 2008

A little Sun never hurt...

But a lot of sun...DOES! :) Today I had the opportunity of going to Hope Baptist and helping with a new church plant in Las Vegas! The name of the church is LifeSong Church and they will be meeting in a closed down restaurant. In order to get things ready for the first day of services tomorrow, we all went out to the site and met some of the neighbors, passed out fliers for the events coming up, prayed for the community, and had a nice lunch in the park. It was great! This was an awesome way for me to get to know some people in the church too! Although I did get a little crisp :) I met a man on the bus ride back who is part of a team that is headed to Zambia, Africa the end of July. I was able to share with him my experiences of being in Zambia and some of what we did while we were there last year. He was overjoyed to hear that I had gone. Hope wants to get involved with meeting some needs in Zambia and that is the reason for their trip. I gave him my contact info and we are supposed to be getting together soon to talk about the opportunity of sending teams to Zambia every how sweet would that be?! God is just so on top of things it continues to amaze me.

Things are going well. Everyday gets a little bit sunnier, a little bit warmer, yet a little bit colder... it seems the warmer it gets outside the colder every single building becomes. I wear sweaters or jackets over my clothes every day to work because the air is cranked up SO high! With it also came another step into adulthood... in order to stay warm at my desk I drink a cup of coffee or tea every morning! However to ensure I retain the kid in me I also have play dough at my desk ;)

My job is going great...I just simply love what I do. Monday my new right hand gal starts and I'm really excited to meet her. Her name is Breann, she's 26 and is from PA! We have talked a few times on the phone and she seems like a friendly girl! My part of the office has been VERY quiet because I'm the only one that works in the office with Empowered Education... so to get another face is a GREAT thing!

On Friday I booked my flight to Charlotte, NC to meet my beautiful niece! I had originally taken off 1 day to make it a long weekend, however my boss came back to me and told me it was important I spend some time with fam (especially living so far away) and gave me a week instead! So I will be leaving Las Vegas Tuesday night (Sept 23) and returning back Tuesday night (Sept 30). Again, God just provides and makes sure my needs are met! I am SO excited to go to Charlotte and see Melissa and LD... and I know I'll be very ready by the time September gets here!

All in all life is good and God is Great! I'm continuously reminded of His faithfulness and love! And I'm blessed to have found individuals out here that encourage me to rest in Him.

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jacksonfamily said...

We are so excited to have you here in Sept! It's so hard to believe when you come we will be welcoming our baby girl!! It's going to be such a fun trip!! I miss you so much...Love you :) xoxo