Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Well...I have been through 2 official work days now and I can tell you that never before have I had so much appreciation for "adulthood." :) I had my first day at work on Monday and I was recieved with such open arms from Rapport! I am very excited to find myself emersed in a company that operates more like a family. Their thought is that every single day is supposed to be the best day of you life! What an awesome thought to have even when you are walking into work in the morning. I've had to come to the realization that Rapport isn't like every other company (or many should be said ANY other company)! It's not unusual to hear horns, bells, and whistles going off when seats are sold for a class. Nor is it unusual for those sitting in office around me to take a "dance break" if they need to walk away from a stressful situation. The energy that comes from the office is one that keeps the days moving quick and fun!

I was so blessed to have had a conversation, both with one of the trainers staying with me as well as my supervisor, about how this company has pushed them so much further in their faith. My supervisor who has never been to church before began talking with me about how this company has caused her to look for the "greater being than herself" and she is just beginnign to explore the depths of Gods unconditional love! It has been so exciting for me as I get the opportunity to interact with such strong amazing individuals but also those who claim Jesus Christ as their Savior! The more I talk witht those i work with the more I can see how God is at work in each of their lives!

I'm excited, i'm blessed, and I'm goign back tomrorow :) These days have certainly been a learning experience as well as a growing experience. God continues to walk beside me each and every day! Tonight I am headed to a Young Adults Bible study at Hope.

Thank you for your constant prayers and thoughts!!!


PS-I feel as though I owe some sort of disclaimer as every person who calls my phone comments on my new voicemessage. yes...it is true! I have recorded a new voice message! Dont' let the different words fool you...it's me :)

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