Friday, May 23, 2008

The Send off... is my last day as a Michigan Resident! Tomorrow afternoon (12:00) my Mom and I are leaving for Vegas! The 34 hour trip will put us in Las Vegas on Tuesday! We will be making the trip in my NEW car! :) Pretty exciting! I was initiated into adulthood on May 19th when I purchased a 2008 Ford Focus! I love the car and think it will make the trip out there pretty exciting! I'm lookin' for phone calls between Saturday and Tuesday on the road ;)

Upon arrival, I have to go straight to the office to get my key and information on my house. My will help me move things in and then her and I are heading over the hotel we will be staying at while Mom is in town. The house has some pretty out of control rules on it becuase it belongs to the company, so a hotel is in order. Mom will be in town until Saturday afternoon. That gives me one day to myself before work begins on Monday! :)

I am anticipating visits to new churches untill I find the right fit! I've been in contact with people from two different churches out I am excited to finally meet those Ive been Emailing with! God continues to show himself faithful throughout this entire process! A need hasn't gone unmet and his leadership seems to be evident throughout this time! Im excited to be stretched as I venture out in independence (although I'm controling the stretching by investing in a GPS system haha).

I will check in again after my arrival and let you know how I'm doing! :)

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lissa519 said...

YAY!! You are off....I am so proud of you and excited for you. I wish I was on the journey with you, but I promise after 2 or 3 hours you will have wished you left my pregnant, whiny self at home. I LOVE YOU :) Melissa