Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The blonde has gone...

And the brunette is here to stay! Yes, it's true! After living life as a blonde I decided change is always a good thing and took the plunge! Yet, I told Breann at work today... it's my heart that's blonde... not my hair! And I prove that WAY too often :)

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to New Port Beach, CA and LOVED it! 80 degree weather and the ocean...sigh! I went with some others from work to a seminar called "THE STAND" put on by Justin Fitica (a Christian), author of Hard as Nails. I've heard his stuff before and was a bit nervous about going just because the approach is quite different than I'm used to. However, it was a great experience! The main message was about taking a stand for those in your life that don't take a stand for themselves. After the seminar we ate dinner down on the boardwalk, spent some time on the beach, and retired to our rooms! Breann and I decided we were going to make it a true vacation and woke up to room service breakfast in our PJs on the balcony looking at the water. AMAZING!! I've never done anything like that before in my life... and the $$$ of it means its probably going to be a while before I do it again! :)

This week I am preparing for my trip to Michigan (March 11-16). I'm excited to mix a little bit of work with a little bit of play :) I'll be doing Student Assemblies in Livonia, Garden City, and Detroit, as well as heading up to Spring Arbor University to meet with some of the Rapport Grads and go to church. And while I'm home I get to celebrate my birthday with the fam and catch up with some friend! Love it!

Just around the corner, when I get back to Vegas I am heading to L.A.with Lindsey to celebrate my Birthday in Hollywood! Woo hoo! We are staying in Hollywood... taking the Walk of Fame, visiting the Hollywood sign, going to the beach, and of course searching for a trace of someone famous. However, we were also personally invited by the winner of the TV show "Bromance" to go hang out as well. That's looking a bit shady... but we will certainly see :)

And it would be a complete shame if I did not verbalize my disappointment with the TV show The Bachelor. Although I must say the "fellowship" (as we called it) that took place around the show was quite enjoyable :)

Well, this brunette needs to catch some shut eye!
Happy March!!

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